Q.What is a photo reproducton?

A. A photo reproduction is created by photographing the painting and using 4 X 5 color negative to create large photograph of the painting.

Q. What is the difference in quality of a photo reproduction and a print or a lithograph reproduction?

A. "I have had both lithographs and photo reproductions done of a particular piece and have found the photo reproductions to have more detail of the original painting. This may be due to the fact that inks, during printing, can spread losing detail of the artist original stroke."

                                                                                             -Sylvia LeDoux

Q. What is the advantage of ordering a photo reproduction over a print.

A. A photo reproduction has the color and vitatily of a print, but it can be custom ordered to any size to suite the needs of the area you want to inhance in your home or office. Another advantage is that photo reproductions can be mounted on a number of backings that make the image frameable with or without glass.

Q. Where are these photo reproductions produced?

A. Vance Color Labs in Memphis produces this product with 17 years of experience. Vance's expert service has provided tha visual presence at the "Wonder Series" exhibits such as The Titanic exhibit, Kathern the Great, Napolean and more. Their work can also be seen in your community becuase they are the providers for the Posters of US postage stamps displayed in your post office.





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