Other Famous LeDouxs link page



www.neil-ledoux.com Heís my first cousin.Talent runs in the family!


http://hometown.aol.com/connart200 - Robert Conrad LeDoux,a Connecticut watercolorist. Check it out!


www.kingfeatures.com/features/comics/jparker/bioMaina.htm - Harold LeDoux read about him at this site, still looking for pics of his work.He looks a lotlike my grandfather. Also at memory.loc.gov/pp/swannAuthors03.html


www.chrisledoux.com/ - the official web site for Chris LeDoux , country and western singer and rodeo star.Very popular! He overwhelms my search for LeDoux, artist.


www.christeneledoux.com/ Donít confuse this with Chris, Itís Christine!Listen to her music.Itís great!


http://www.hearts-ease.org/featured/00/spring.html- This site features a ďHymn to DemeterĒ from a Sicilian Idyl by Louis V. Ledoux.Itís worth reading!


www.olivierledoux.com/-You must see these utilitarian sculptures by Oliver LeDoux.I plan to own one myself some day!


www.taosnewmexico.com/resources/callender.html - This is not an artist, but I think itís interesting that there is a Ledoux Street in Taos, New Mexicoknown for its galleries and art work.This site has its calendar of events.


www.ledouxart.com - This is Michael Ledoux.  He has a unique painting style that's definitely worth checking out.

If I missed any Ledoux artist contact me!


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