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Red-winged Black bird
"Red-Winged Blackbird"

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It is only the male that has the red wings in this species. The colors fade through the winter and he looks much like the plain female. All summer long I see the male Red Wing Black Bird guarding the nest and feeding the young. These separate families flock together in the fall and fly away for winter and become very social. While I was painting this bird I looked up the symbolism of it and discovered it's association with veiled wisdom and Binah on the Qabala which ironically I was reading about at the time . This is the first painting that I signed with the Hebrew letters for Binah or B' nah


Winter Sky Birds'
Winter Sky

This painting was inspired by the migration of many birds that come to Greenville during the fall and winter to feed on grain left in the farming fields. Their movement through the sky cannot be depicted on the plane of the canvas, but caused an instantaneous rush of adrenalin at the sight of their quantity and flow of flight.


lush garden wet scene

"Pet Portrait"

this is a combination of pet and homestead portraits