Community Works by:

Sylvia LeDoux

Greenville Buick-Pontiac Building

Downtown Greenville, Mississippi

The Greenville Buick-Pontiac Deal was a project which Sylvia Volunteered to do with the hope of improving the Downtown Profile....

"I worked this summer with the Main Street Beautification Project in conjunction with the WWISCAA Summer 2000 Select program. Linda Richard (previously with the Chamber) guided the project and pulled the whole thing together. The young men and women involved with this project were a joy to work with. They were industrious and excited about this. Their leader Mrs. Lynette Stafford provided a sound guidance and rolemodel for the group. The City workers pitched in and mounted the panels on the building, and if there's anyone else I've failed to mention let me know. We all worked together each giving of our time and talents. This is what community is all about."

A Captive audience views the New Beautifully Decorated Buick Building
Mr. Cottingham (family of the founders of this business) Told me they had an old blue 1910 Buick in the building for years.
Linda Richardson

Chairperson (at that time) for Chamber of Commerce of Greenville, Mississippi.