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"In the Empire of the senses, you're the Queen of all
you survey".

This is a quote taken from a song off "Dream of the
Blue Turtles" The album came out about the time that
I was realizing that the images in my work had more
significance than I initially realized. For example I
painted a scene of a Mexican restaurant, and in the
painting the light blared into a patio, blinding the
viewer to whatever was in front of him. I wrote a
poem about how my life was so busy that I could not
see what was before me. I was working at the time and
raising my children and in the rush of everything I
needed to take the time to rest, break bread and let my
eyes adjust to the light in order to see what was most

It was a lesson of utmost importance to me because it
is where I was in life and both the event and the
realization of it would profoundly change my life. As
I looked back all of my works contained the same kind
of significance as did all my future works.

I am a realist, somewhat of a tradition painter. So
as I paint I contemplate, observe, survey, and
search for truth and reality. In the process of
painting I have to see everything in its proportion
and perspective and express it as such. My technique is
as much a reflection of my personality as any other
definition of me. In this society of artists, I do not
fit in. I see that some of today's art is as obscure and as
vague as the general psyche it reflects and seeks out.
Many times works of art, today, appear as delusions from reality....

As I paint I seek the beauty of truth and define what is real to
the best of my ability.

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I painted this painting during times of turbulent relationship changes.  It is titled two gardens.  In the center is a flower garden and on the right is a vegetable garden.  

At that time I came across a symbolic significance in that a flower garden represents romantic love between a man and a woman.  It is beautiful and at the center emphasis of most of our lives.  

The vegetable garden represents the love we give to our children.  It is sustaining, nurturing, and nourishing.   

Not visible in this photo on the net, but there are six children in this painting.  Two small children are digging in the sand at the bench at the end of the path.  They are the youngest, and as children they are imitating what they see others do. 

On the right, in the back of the vegetable garden are two middle children picking grapes representing that they have learned  you reap what you sow.

In the distance in the field are two older children flying a kite. They are experimenting with the unknown, testing the air, the unseen; a representation of God

It was at this time that I realized in an environment of love between parents, and nourishment, our children thrive and develop to understand life, love and understanding of God.